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    Resellmall Credit

    1. Every Reseller will have an option of Buy Now and Pay Later in the check out page.

    2. Credit cycle will be 45 Days. It will work as a virtual Credit Card.

    3. Credit limit will be revised every month basis the uses by the Resellers.

    4. Option to Convert the amount in EMI will also be available basis the amount of transaction.

    5. Registered shopkeepers who will be stocking the product from Resellmall will have a starting limit of 25K and it will be up-to 10 Lakh basis the transaction.

    6. No Cost EMI to every reseller if they want to start their own physical store for up-to 12 Months basis the amount they are using. (Will be open for high end users)

    Limits for every individual will be decided by the lender basis the transaction Resellmall Platform only.

    **All these credits will be available only for shopping at